Rebate Program Rules and Regulations


  1. Requests for participation in the Rebate Program are processed in the order received via the MyLA311 website. To visit MyLA311, click here. Requests may also be received by telephone call to the City’s MyLA311 operator, or at any of the Bureau of Engineering District Offices and Council Offices.

Eligibility Determination

  1. All properties not owned by a governmental agency are eligible, provided the remainder of the eligibility requirements for the program are met.
  2. Applicants must be a property owner, or in the case of a corporation, trust, homeowners association or other non-individual ownership, the applicant must be a documented legal representative of such entity and must provide the appropriate documentation.
  3. Applicants must submit any necessary additional documentation that may be requested to verify eligibility and to properly report the rebate as income.  This will likely include an IRS W-9 Form for all applicants and a Business Tax Registration Certificate for businesses doing business in the City of Los Angeles.
  4. Applicants shall have 14 calendar days from the date of request to provide any necessary documentation, except that applicants will have 30 calendar days to provide IRS W-9 forms from the date of request because those have to be delivered by mail or in person. All documentation must be submitted in the manner directed in the request from the City.  
  5. Businesses that are delinquent with their City of Los Angeles business taxes are not eligible.
  6. Properties that are behind on assessments collected on behalf of the City including but not limited to Residential Property Report (Form 9), are not eligible.
  7. Properties that have previously received a rebate are not eligible.
  8. Properties for which the Fix and Release maintenance responsibility has already transitioned to the property owner are not eligible, including properties with sidewalks constructed after the effective date of LAMC 62.104.
  9. Sidewalk work in conjunction with development projects abutting a commercial or industrial property is not eligible.
  10. The maximum rebate offer is $10,000 for residential properties (R5 or more restrictive) and $10,000 for commercial and industrial properties, as defined in LAMC 62.104.
  11. One or more parcels serving a single purpose will be treated as a single Lot in determining the maximum rebate offer.

Rebate Offer Amount and Scope of Work

  1. A City representative will assess the property and determine the scope of work necessary to make all sidewalks adjacent to the property ADA compliant.
  2. The rebate offer amount will be calculated by multiplying the quantities of each type of required work by the unit prices for each contained in the Rebate Program Schedule of Values, which is available via a link within the FAQ’s at or directly at
  3. Some properties will require a small amount of transitional work in front of neighboring properties in order to make the frontage of the property fully ADA compliant.  In such cases, the transitional work in front of neighboring properties will be considered part of the required scope of work. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to pay for the transitional work in front of the neighboring property in order to qualify for the rebate. 

Street Trees

  1. Bureau of Street Services Urban Forestry Division (UFD) will determine replacement and root pruning needs for public street trees and private property trees.
  2. Compliance with UFD requirements is mandatory to receive a rebate.
  3. Work related to trees located on private property, such as tree removal or root pruning, is not eligible for a rebate.
  4. A Street Tree Removal/Root Pruning Permit is required for repairs which impact two or fewer trees. 
  5. If three or more trees are required to be removed, UFD will process a Board Report for the Tree Removal/Replacement Permit and a time extension will be provided to the applicant.
  6. City policy requires as a condition of a tree removal permit that each approved street tree removal be replaced on a 2:1 basis with 24” box size tree stock and be watered for a minimum three-year establishment period. 
  7. The property owner will be responsible for providing and establishing the first of the two replacement trees per the conditions of the permit.
  8. The second tree required by the 2:1 replacement policy will be furnished, installed and maintained by the City.
  9. If required, canopy trimming to remove obstructions from the path of travel will be performed by the City.
  10. All required tree work is to be performed by a properly licensed contractor.
  11. For each tree removal, $1,000 will be included in the rebate offer, not to exceed the maximum rebate amount pf $10,000.

Administrative Requirements

  1. The applicant is required to enlist the services of a licensed contractor with a valid A, C-8, C-12, or C-61:D-06 license in the state of California.
  2. The applicant is required to obtain a no-fee Class A-Permit within 60 calendar days of receipt of the rebate offer.
  3. Should the rebate offer expire, the applicant will lose their reservation and must reapply for continued participation in the program.
  4. Voluntary work in addition to that identified in the mandatory scope of work may be completed under the same Class A-Permit. However, such work is not eligible for any additional rebate.

Construction and Inspection

  1. The Contractor must complete all of the work identified in the rebate offer within 90 calendar days of the issuance of the Class A-Permit.
  2. All construction work performed must be verified as compliant with the permit requirements by the Bureau of Contract Administration through the established Class A-permit inspection procedures.
  3. Upon completion and verification that the permit requirements are met, a Certificate of Sidewalk Compliance will be issued and the warranty period as defined in LAMC 62.104 will commence.
  4. As outlined in LAMC 62.104, the warranty period is 20 years for residential properties; and five years for commercial and industrial properties, with a limit of one warranty repair by the City.
  5. Upon expiration of the warranty period, or a single repair performed by the City within the warranty period, the responsibility of sidewalk maintenance is transferred to the property owner.


  1. Actual payment is based on the rebate offer amount.
  2. No verification of actual costs incurred by the property owner is required.

Alternative Materials

  1. Use of any approved alternative material is allowed. However, the rebate unit prices will be the same as for regular sidewalks, with Portland Cement Concrete. The approved materials list is available at
  2. Decorative sidewalks and alternative materials may be utilized provided the property owner complies with all City of Los Angeles requirements including obtaining a Revocable Permit, if applicable, from the Bureau of Engineering. LAMC requirements of a specific plan or community plan may apply as well as other site specific requirements.  Revocable permits for such uses may contain a condition of waiver of the Warranty Period outlined in LAMC 62.104.


  1. The City Engineer, or designee, will be responsible to process appeals related to the Sidewalk Rebate Program.
  2. The City Engineer, or designee, determination on appeals will be final.
  3. Appeals related to applications that have been denied for eligibility or that have expired must be submitted in writing within 14 calendar days.

Modifications to Rules

  1. The City Engineer shall have the authority to modify these rules as necessary to maintain compliance with all City laws, both current and future.  Changes not required for compliance with City laws shall require approval by the Board of Public Works.